EX447 試験問題集

  • 試験コード:EX447
  • 試験名称:Red Hat Certified Specialist in Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices
  • 問題数:0 問題と回答

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EX447 認定試験の出題範囲:

トピック 1
  • Inspect, validate, and manipulate variables containing networking information with filters
  • Update, modify and create files in a Git repository
トピック 2
  • Use lookup and query functions to template data from external sources into playbooks and deployed template files
トピック 3
  • Run a task for a managed host on a different host, then control whether facts gathered by that task are delegated to the managed host or the other host
トピック 4
  • Use special variables to override the host, port, or remote user Ansible uses for a specific host
  • Transform data with filters and plugins
トピック 5
  • Create a dynamic inventory from an identity management server or a database server
  • Structure host and group variables using multiple files per host or group
トピック 6
  • Override the name used in the inventory file with a different name or IP address
  • Create Ansible Tower users and teams and make associations of one to the other
トピック 7
  • Perform basic configuration of Ansible Tower after configuration
  • Populate variables with data from external sources using lookup plugins
トピック 8
  • Write an API scriptlet to launch a job
  • Manage inventories and credentials
  • Create a job workflow template
トピック 9
  • Implement loops using structures other than simple lists using lookup plugins and filters
  • Add those modified files back into the Git repository

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