MCE 試験問題集

  • 試験コード:MCE
  • 試験名称:Marketo Certified Expert Exam
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MCE 認定試験の出題範囲:

トピック 1
  • Learn how a lead status goes from anonymous to known and how to change a lead status
  • Create a custom view of leads: Custom Tab for Lead Detail
トピック 2
  • Build Smart Lists and start segmenting: Create and Change Views for Lists and Smart Lists
  • Upload a list of leads: Import a List of Leads
トピック 3
  • Identify junk data, learn about merge
  • de-dupe:Working with Duplicate Leads
  • Control your Lead Database: Data Management
トピック 4
  • How to send out an email when a lead fills out a form: Email Auto Response
  • Configure email settings:Block Field Overwrites: Identify which Fields should not Overwrite
トピック 5
  • Event Management with Marketo: Understanding Event Programs
  • What are my leads doing: How to Review the Activity Log
トピック 6
  • Set up a logical, scalable foldering system: Understanding Local Assets in a Program
  • Upload images and files, or grab them from the web
トピック 7
  • Set, create, and edit user roles and assign them to users: Managing User Roles and Permissions
  • Renaming Marketo Assets: Rename Marketo Assets
トピック 8
  • Understand standard system Smart Lists and create Smart Lists to segment leads
  • Customer Data, Leads and Lists Topics
トピック 9
  • Define a foldering and naming protocol consistent with Marketo’s best practices
  • Configure fields for data integrity Create a Program Channel

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